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Jojo’s Jasoosi

Comic Stories | 7-14 yrs | Interactive, Reading Pod

Jojo the Detective

“I kept it here! Where did my pencil box go?”Pinky screamed right after the lunch break.

Jojo said, “This calls for some detective work.”

He continued, “Now we know all the students were in the field. And the teachers are in the staff room.”

“So that’s everyone!” said Pinky.

Jojo saw the school Janitor Ram Dayal outside the class and thought to himself, “He is neither a student nor a teacher. Could it be him?”

Jojo whispered to Deepak, “You think Ram Dayal the janitor has anything to do with Pinky’s pencil box?”

“He usually stays back after school. The others say he has a secret room,” said Deepak.

“He must stash his stolen prize there!” said Jojo excitedly.

“Now, don’t overthink!,” said Deepak.

Jojo persuaded Deepak to follow Ram Dayal who seemed extra cautious about being followed.

He then went to his room and the two saw him open his locker carefully.

Jojo ran screaming towards the Janitor and caught him, and kept repeating,“Caught you! Show us the pencil box!”

The commotion got some teachers and all the children in the room while the Janitor kept saying, “What is wrong with you? Let me go!”

Jojo’s physical education teacher said, “What is going on Jojo?”

Jojo answered, “He has got Pinky’s pencil box.”

The Janitor clarified, “I don’t have any pencil box! I am no thief!”

“Oh yeah? Then what were you doing in this room and looking around so no one saw you,” asked Jojo.

“I came to take my toupee off!” saying this the Janitor took the toupee off his head and everyone started laughing.

The next day Jojo and Deepak were sitting while everyone in the class called Jojo ‘the jasoos.’

“Guys, guess what? I found my pencil box. Turns out I hadn’t kept it in my bag and it was at home only,” said Pinky.

Deepak burst out laughing.

Pinky looked puzzled.

Jojo looked down and shook his head and said, “Not my day, Watson! Not my day!”

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