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IPL Records

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List of Indian Premier League Records and Statistics

Highest Score

Chris Gayle, 175, in 66 balls- Royal Challengers Bangalore vs. Pune Warriors

Highest Number of Total Runs

S.K. Raina, 3325 runs in 115 matches (Chennai Super Kings)

Most Sixes

Chris Gayle, 192 sixes in 68 matches.

Highest Wickets

S.L. Malinga, 119 wickets in 83 matches. (Mumbai Indians)

Most Dismissals

Adam Gilchrist, 67 wickets in 80 matches.

Most Catches

S.K. Raina, 64 catches in 115 matches. (Chennai Super Kings)

Highest Team Score

The Royal Challengers, Bangalore made 263 runs against the Pune Warriors in 2013.

Lowest Team Score

The Rajasthan Royals scored 58 runs against the Royal Challengers, Bangalore in 2009.

Biggest Victory Margin

The Kolkata Knight Riders defeated the Royal Challengers Bangalore by 140 runs in 2008.

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