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International Folk Tales: Qui Jun and the Arrogant Monk
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International Folk Tales: Qui Jun and the Arrogant Monk

International Folk Tales | 3-12 yrs | Reading Pod

In a small village in China lived a monk called Shan. Though he had earned a great name for himself but he was very proud and arrogant.

Everyone in the country was aware of his egoistic nature. Qui Jun heard of his arrogance. He wanted to make the monk a better person by teaching him a lesson.

One day, Qui Jun went to meet him. Shan however did not greet him properly; neither did he even acknowledge his presence.

Just then, a man came running to Shan and told him, “Sir, there is a man who is here to see you. He says that he is a son of an army officer.”

The monk immediately went out to meet him and greeted him cheerfully. Qui Jun was surprised and asked the monk, “Why did you treat me so rudely while you treated the army officer’s son so politely? May I know the reason for such a difference in your behaviour towards both of us?”

The monk replied. “Actually sir, for me, not greeting means greeting and greeting means not greeting.”

Qui Jun understood the monk’s wickedness. He hit the monk hard on his head with a stick.

Shan was taken by surprised and asked, “Why on earth did you hit me like that?” To that Qui Jun replied, “Just like you, for me, not beating means beating and beating means not beating. So, in short, I did not beat you.”

Shan understood his mistake and was ashamed of his foolish behavior. From that day onwards, he treated everyone with respect regardless of their status.

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