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Indian Ocean Facts

Geography | 8-14 yrs | Animation, Video

9 Interesting Facts about the Indian Ocean

  1. Scientists believe that the Indian Ocean began to form about 200 million years ago when Australia broke away from Africa, followed by India.
  2. The Indian Ocean is 10,000 km across at its widest point, between Africa and Australia.
  3. Unlike in other oceans, currents in the Indian Ocean change course twice a year. They are blown by monsoon winds towards Africa in winter, and then in the other direction towards India in summer.
  4. The Indian Ocean is the third largest ocean after the Pacific and Atlantic with a total area of 73,426,000 sq km.
  5. The deepest point is the Java Trench off the coast of Indonesia, which is 7450 m deep.
  6. The Indian Ocean is getting 20 cm wider every year.
  7. The average depth of the Indian Ocean is 3890 m.
  8. The Indian Ocean is scattered with thousands of tropical islands such as the Seychelles and Maldives.
  9. The Maldives are so low lying that they may be swamped if global warming melts the polar ice.

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