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Indian Folk Tales: The Fox and the Grapes
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Indian Folk Tales: The Fox and the Grapes

Indian Folk Tales | 3-12 yrs | Reading Pod

One day, Fitru fox was in a jolly and relaxed mood. He had nothing to do for an entire day. The farmer was home guarding his chickens as it was a holiday. Thus, the chickens were way out of Fitru’s reach. Fitru was, however, delighted to find some leftover food from last night. He closed his eyes, and started thinking about the food.

Once he opened his eyes, he saw some fresh bunches of luscious looking grapes. Firtu was very excited.

He imagined biting into the grapes and its sweet juice flowing through his throat. He started salivating at once.

But there was one problem; the grapes were way beyond his reach. He skipped and jumped and tried his best but still could not manage to reach them. He was getting more and more tempted by the sight of the grapes.

After spending about an hour and trying different techniques to reach the grapes, Fitru finally gave up.

Fitru looked at the grapes with disgust and said, “Oh the grapes must be terribly sour. And they look really glossy; the farmer must have loaded them with pesticides. I am sure he did not wash them nicely enough to remove the poisonous pesticide from them. It’s good that I don’t have that poisonous fruit.”

He took one last look at the grapes and walked away quietly.

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