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In My Nursery- Vol 14

Primary Poems | 6-8 yrs | Reading Pod


Said the hornet to the bee,
“Pray you, will you marry me?
Will you be my little wife,
For to love me all my life?
You shall have a velvet cloak,
And a bonnet with a poke.
You shall sit upon a chair
With a cabbage in your hair.
You shall ride upon a horse,
If you fancy such a course.
You shall feed on venison pasty
In a manner trig and tasty;
Devilled bones and apple-cores,
If you like them, shall be yours.
You shall drink both rum and wine,
If you only will be mine.
Pray you, will you marry me?”
Said the hornet to the bee.

Said the bee unto the hornet,
“Your proposal, sir, I scorn it.
Marry one devoid of money,
Who can’t make a drop of honey?
Cannot even play the fiddle,
And is pinched up in the middle?
Nay, my love is set more high.

Cockychafer’s bride am I.
Cockychafer whirring loud,
Frisking free and prancing proud,
Cockychafer blithe and gay,
He hath stole my heart away.
Him alone I mean to marry,
So no longer you need tarry.
Not another moment stay!
Cockychafer comes this way.
Your proposal, sir, I scorn it!”
Said the bee unto the hornet.

So the cockychafer came,
Took the bee to be his dame.
Took the bee to be his wife,
For to love her all his life.
Wedding dress of goblin green,
Hat and feathers for a queen,
Worsted mittens on her feet,
Thus her toilet was complete.
Then when it was time to dine,
Cockychafer brought her wine,
Roasted mouse and bunny-fish,
Porridge in a silver dish;
Lobster-claws and scalloped beast.
Was not that a lovely feast?
But when it was time to sup,
Cockychafer ate her up.
Thus concludes the history
Of the hornet and the bee.


Little chickens, one, two, three,
They went out to take their tea,
Brisk and gay as gay could be,
Cackle wackle wackle!
Feathers brushed all smooth and neat,
Yellow stockings on their feet,
Tails and tuftings all complete,
Cackle wackle wackle!

“Very seldom,” said the three,
“Like of us the world can see,
Beautiful exceedingly,
Cackle wackle wackle!
Such our form and such our face,
Such our Cochin China grace,
We must win in beauty’s race,
Cackle wackle wackle!”

Met an elephant large and wise,
Looked at them with both his eyes:
Caused these chickens great surprise,
Cackle wackle wackle!
“Why,” they said, “do you suppose
Elephant doesn’t look out of his nose,
So very conveniently it grows?
Cackle wackle wackle!

“Elephant with nose so long,
Sing on now a lovely song,
As we gayly trip along,
Cackle wackle wackle!
Sing of us and sing of you,
Sing of corn and barley too,
Beauteous beast with eyes of blue,
Cackle wackle wackle!”

Elephant sang so loud and sweet,
Chickens fell before his feet;
For his love they did entreat,
Cackle wackle wackle.
“Well-a-day! and woe is me!
Would we all might elephants be!
Then he’d marry us, one, two, three,
Cackle wackle wackle!”

Elephant next began to dance:
Capered about with a stately prance
Learned from his grandmother over in France,
Cackle wackle wackle!
Fast and faster ‘gan to tread,
Trod on every chicken’s head,
Killed them all uncommonly dead,
Cackle wackle wackle!


Little chickens, one, two, three,
When you’re walking out to tea,
Don’t make love to all you see,
Cackle wackle wackle!
Elephants have lovely eyes,
But to woo them is not wise,
For they are not quite your size!
Cackle wackle wackle!

Read more from the PDF above.

Read these beautiful poems and rhymes for kids. List of the poems included in this poem eBook:

  1. The Hornet And The Bee
  2. The Three Little Chickens Who Went Out To Tea And The Elephant
  3. A Legend OF Lake Okeefinokee

You can read the eBook online or download it on your PC and read later using the big red button at the top.

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