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Book Review : How To Stop Your Grownup From Making Bad Decisions

Writers | 7-14 yrs | Interactive, Reading Pod

If you feel helpless sometimes, when you’re faced with a crazy grownup, Nina will have you saying, “Yes, that’s exactly how I feel!”

The Story

Eleven year old Nina has a single mother, a potential step father whose rapper name is Dhiraj Fist a.k.a Diddy Blood and a pesky elder sister, Nikki.
Written in a blog format, this book is funny and there are many parts that you may identify with. Like, having to surrender the computer to a bossy elder sister.

Who’s in it?

The first half is all about meeting the people in Nina’s life like the scary teacher with the spot on nickname- Mrs. Dig-shit.
Talented Nina makes an intriguing 5-D Valentine Day’s card for her mother, which blasts confetti when you press it.

What will keep you reading?

Nina’s mother survives an accident, which does strange things to her. Nina’s life seems about to change. She might end up with a stepfather she doesn’t like, Mrs. Dig-shit’s after her blood…

How will Nina stop her mother from making that bad decision? Can she get the better of Mrs. Digshit? The second half of the book has plenty happening.

Nina – Speak

You’ll enjoy Ninaisms- like “…when Digshit tell us to eat all the food in our lunchboxes even if we are really full and want to throw up, because in Africa, there are lots of children starving. So I asked her ‘But Dig-sh- umm, Ma’am, what is the connection? Is somebody sending those children lunchboxes every time we finish our lunch?’”

Do log on to Nina’s blog for more Ninaisms, to keep in touch with her. Sample- ‘I refuse to be awake in a world without Wi-fi.’ Don’t you agree?

How to Stop your Grownup from Making Bad Decisions, Judy Balan, (Harper, 168 pages, Rs.199)

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