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How to Make a Witch Hat?

Craft Ideas | 7-14 yrs | Interactive, Learning Pod

Witches are wicked… witches are shrewd… witches are helpful… witches know magic… witches can be good or bad. When you think of a witch what picture comes to your mind? An old lady with a long nose, black robe, sitting on a broom with a long hat on her head?

A Homemade Witch Hat

Well, all witches may not be old…all witches may not wear robes; all witches may not want to eat you up. But all witches have one thing in common. They accessorize themselves with a long pointed hat. Do you want to try and become a witch and caste magic spells or brew up some magical potion? We will give you the magical steps to make your own witch’s hat.

13 Easy Steps to Make a Witch Hat

  1. Gather the following items: Black chart/craft paper, scissors, wire, tape, ribbon, some embellishments like plastic spider or a nice bow
  2. Measure your head around your forehead and add about ½ or 1 inch to the circumference of the brim of the hat that you want to cut
  3. Make a wide circle on the paper. It should be as wide as you want the brim to be. Cut it.
  4. Inside the wide circle make a smaller circle with the above measurement of your head
  5. Take another craft paper and make a triangle or a slant line with a marker. This will be the top of your hat and the line can be as tall as you want the top to be.
  6. Cut along the slant line so that you have a nice triangle with a rounded base. Basically you have a cone
  7. Take the wire and place it in the center of the cone lengthwise. Paste it with the tape.
  8. With the wire as the center, round the cone into a pointed top. Stick both ends with the tape.
  9. Take the brim of the hat and flatten it completely first either by placing some heavy books on top of it
  10. Now take your scissors and cut the inner circle that you have made. It will make a hole of your head size. Place it on your head to see if it fits properly.
  11. Now you have to place the cone on top of the brim. Use glue or tape to attach the cone on the brim. You can cover the tape or glue with black ribbon or feathers.
  12. Once the cone is attached, bend it a little from the top to give it a worn out look.
  13. Attach the plastic spider or the bow or anything you like to the witch hat.

Your witch hat is ready and you can now go around throwing spells and making frogs of people!

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