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How to Draw a Windmill

Drawing | 5-11 yrs | Animation, Video

In this simple step by step guide learn how to draw a Windmill in a simple and interactive way. You just need a red pen and a paper to start drawing a Windmill in the next 2 minutes!

16 Steps to draw a Windmill

  1. Draw a triangular shape with a plateau top.
  2. Make a rectangle on top of it.
  3. Draw a circle and another around it, at the top.
  4. Add rectangular shapes on its sides.
  5. Colour the inner circle.
  6. Make four long rectangular shapes with depth for its blades.
  7. Add details to make them look real.
  8. Make a door at the bottom.
  9. Make rings on the tower and add windows.
  10. Colour the door.
  11. Erase lines as shown.
  12. Draw a line in the background and make hillocks on it, on both sides of your windmill.
  13. Add blades of grass with flowers in the foreground.
  14. Add small trees in the background so that they look distant.
  15. Add a cloud and colour the blades.
  16. Watch the blades move in our video.

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