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How to Draw a Mouse

Drawing | 7-14 yrs | Animation, Video

It’s fun rooting for the underdog. Wouldn’t you want the mouse to win in a cat and mouse chase? Have fun by learning to draw a mouse. You just need a pencil and a paper to start drawing a mouse in next 2 minutes!

12 Steps to draw a Mouse

  1. Draw a slightly s-shaped curve.
  2. Draw a big circle around the upper part of the curve like a face.
  3. Draw three strokes across the curve within this circle, descending in size.
  4. Draw a smaller circle around the bottom part of the curve.
  5. Draw two small circle on left and right top side of the big circle like mouse’s ears.
  6. Outline the small circle and the big one like a face.
  7. Draw eyes on the first stroke drawn within the big circle, nose on the second stroke and mouth on the third stroke.
  8. Draw ears in smaller two circles.
  9. Erase the strokes and the outline.
  10. Connect the upper circle with the lower one.
  11. Erase the lower circle. Draw legs, hands and tail.
  12. Now fill the colors and play with the mouse.

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