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How does Atmospheric Pressure work?

Physics | 7-14 yrs | Reading Pod

You expect a newspaper to break the scale?!

The Physical Education teacher asked Eeshan a question and Eeshan purposely answered it incorrectly. When he raised his scale and asked Eeshan to stretch out his hand, Eeshan spoke.

“If you are going to use your weapon, I should be allowed to defend myself with my weapon,” saying this, Eeshan held out the newspaper in his hand.

The teacher laughed. “You will defend yourself with this newspaper? Let’s see you do it!”

Eeshan asked for the scale from the teacher and placed it on the table. He placed the scale in such a manner that half of it was outside the table from one side. He spread out a newspaper leaf on the table, on top of the scale. He said, “If my paper can break your scale, you won’t hit me. I hope that is fair.”

The teacher laughed and said, “You expect a newspaper to break the scale? Alright, go ahead.”

With a swift motion Eeshan hit the part outside the newspaper and the scale broke in two!

The whole class started to cheer. The teacher took Eeshan to the principal for disturbing the peace of the class. Eeshan explained to the principal what had been going on. The principal dismissed the teacher from school, for beating the children.

“Wow Eeshan! That was superb! Knowing you, it can’t be magic. So what did you do?” asked Nitin on behalf of all the children.

Eeshan spoke, “Simple! Air pressure! Air exerts pressure on every square inch of the paper. We created a vacuum between the scale and the newspaper, so there was no air to balance the air pressure. With so much air pressure, the other end of the scale was practically placed under a ton of weight. When I thwarted the scale at the other, free end, it broke.”

Rahul said, “We all study science, Eeshan, but you apply! Thanks for saving us, yet again.”