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Halloween Theme Party

Party Ideas And Themes | 7-14 yrs | Interactive

Creative Ideas for Halloween Theme Party

Invitation Card

Make creative invitations for your party using owls, or a message in a bottle, or glow in the dark invitation. You could also make a skeleton shaped invitation card or a spider themed card. Ask your friends to dress up as their favorite character.

Halloween Decoration Ideas

  • Cover your house with spider webs (using black strings), white milk bottles with faces painted on them, pumpkins, black witches and black cats, skeletons etc. Everything should be black and orange and spooky.
  • Get branches and insert them inside a brown bag (which has vertical lines cut on it) and fill it with goodies.
  • Play squeaky sounds for music.

Halloween Party Food

  • Color apples in black food coloring
  • Make green colored muffins and place chocolate cones inverted on them and decorate them to look like witches.
  • Cover juice boxes in tissue papers to make them look like mummies.
  • Decorate cakes to look like scary characters.
  • Get cheese sticks and make them look like fingers by painting a thumb print on the top.

Game Ideas

  •  Stick orange colored balloons on the wall in the shape of a pumpkin. Ask your friends to throw a dart from far, to burst a balloon.
  • Get pumpkins and challenge everyone to carve the scariest pumpkin.
  • Fill a bucket with gross ingredients like plastic eyeballs. Ask everyone to guess what is what.
  • Bobbing for apples- Fill a large bucket with water and let lots of red apples float on them. Ask your friends to take out as many apples as they can with their mouth while their hands are tied behind their backs.
  • Hang a curtain and make a small hole in the middle. One by one, let your friends stick their nose in it and ask everyone to guess whose nose it is.
  • Get white sheets and cover your friends in them. Now ask a person to guess who is who.

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