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The Giant’s Causeway

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Where is the Giant’s Causeway?

I’m working on my Irish Accent! I’m at the Giant’s Causeway, or Giant’s Causey, as it’s called here, in the County Antrim in Northern Ireland. Made up of around 40,000 interlocking basalt columns, this is the fourth greatest natural wonder in the United Kingdom as well as a UN World Heritage Site. It also happens to be an extremely popular tourist attraction.

The Geology of Giant’s Causeway

The structure is estimated to have been formed around 50-60 million years ago, due to severe volcanic activity and subsequent cooling down. Not that this in itself isn’t interesting enough, but the place has an even more interesting legend associated with it. Legend has it that the columns are actually the remnants of a causeway built by a Giant. The Irish giant Finn MacCool was challenged to a fight by the Scottish giant Benandonner. Finn is said to have risen to the challenge, and built the causeway so as to meet the Scot and fight. There are multiple versions regarding the outcome of the fight, and each of them is interestingly detailed. I so very much want to believe that giants were real!

After the National Trust took over its care in the 1960s, tourism flourished and the site has been popular with tourists ever since. There are plenty of interesting structures to see here, including the very innovatively designed Giant’s Causeway Visiting Centre, which blends perfectly with the landscape. It boasts of beautiful glass walls supported by basalt columns, with award winning interior design.

This is a good place to visit, whether you’re in the mood for a picnic lunch or a hearth pumping hike. There are 4 stunning trails to choose from, with varying difficult levels ranging from babies and pet –friendly to challenging coastal hikes. In fact, there’s a newly accessible cliff top walk for people with disabilities as well! Definitely a cool place to visit if you’re ever in Northern Ireland.