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Fifi Comes Home

Comic Stories | 7-14 yrs | Reading Pod

Fifi saved Grandma!

The summer holidays were on and Bunty had been begging his parents to get him a dog. His sister Pinky was also enthusiastic as she loved dogs, but his grandmother
detested pets. That’s why Mr. Gupta had not gotten a dog for his children.

On a Friday evening, Bunty and Pinky’s father, however, fulfilled their wish and got them a snow white Labrador pup. Bunty and Pinky were ecstatic.

“What is this? I can’t live with this creature in the house!” revolted Grandma.

“But grandma, we promise to keep it out of your way and keep it really clean,” said Bunty.

Grandma grudgingly agreed to keep the pup if he would be kept out of her way. Pinky and Bunty called him Fifi.

One day grandma was saying her morning prayers and she warned everyone to keep Fifi out of her way and not disturb her. Pinky’s father locked the door from outside and told her to knock once she was done. They heard the ringing of the bells and the chanting from the room and Fifi was trained to stay away from the room.

After some time, Fifi rushed to the door of the room where grandma was saying her prayers and began barking at the door. She also started to scratch the door with her paws. Seeing this Pinky pulled Fifi back, but she wouldn’t listen. She called out to her father who came to help get Fifi back lest he upset his mother.

“Why isn’t she listening?” said Mr. Gupta.

Fifi continued to wag her tail in front of him and bark at the door. Mrs. Gupta said, “I can’t hear any chanting or the ringing of the bell. Do you suppose something is wrong?”

Mr. Gupta opened the door immediately and saw grandma lying on the floor. She seemed to have slipped on the bit of oil that spilled out of her diya. They immediately took her to the hospital. The doctor told that Mr. Gupta had found her in time.

Grandma completely recovered and the family got her home. At home, while rocking in her chair, she asked, “You know, I never asked you. How did you know I had fallen down? I didn’t get a chance to shout also.”

Bunty replied, “It was Fifi! She kept barking outside your door. She must have sensed something was wrong!’

Grandma got up and went and picked Fifi and petted her. Fifi wagged her tail in happiness.

“Grandma! You like her!” said Pinky.

“Of course I like her! She saved my life. How could I treat her so badly?” said grandma in remorse.

“It is alright, mother. Today is the day that marks Fifi’s coming home,” said Mr. Gupta.

Everyone shouted in unison as Fifi wagged her tail, “Welcome home Fifi!”

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