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Facts about Africa

General Knowledge | 7-14 yrs | Interactive

Where is Africa located?

The continent of Africa is the world’s second largest continent. Africa is located to the south of Europe and southwest of Asia and covers all four hemispheres.

What was the original name of Africa?

According to a popular belief, the name ‘Africa’ comes from the name of a local African tribe called ‘Afrigami’ that lived on the Northern side of the continent.
Africa has a wide variety of geographical features and climate. It has rainforests, grasslands, deserts and a few mountain ranges like the Atlas Mountains.

What is Africa famous for?

  1. Africa is the world’s second largest continent and covers almost one fifth of Earth’s total land area. It is home to more than a billion people and is thus, also the world’s second most populous continent.
  2. The first pre-human fossils were found in Africa.
  3. Famous scientist Charles Darwin suggested that the ancestors of human beings originated on the African continent.
  4. Africa is the hottest continent!
  5. Africa touches Asia at two places and Europe at one place.
  6. The highest point in this continent is Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania and the lowest point is Lake Asal.
  7. There are 54 countries in the continent. Africa has the maximum number of countries among all other continents.
  8. More than 1,000 languages are spoken in Africa. Arabic is the most common language spoken in this continent.
  9. Sudan is the largest country in Africa.
  10. Seychelles is the smallest country in the continent.
  11. Nigeria is the most populated country in Africa.
  12. Lake Victoria is the largest lake in the African continent.
  13. The continent of Africa has the world’s longest river, Nile and the world’s largest desert, Sahara.
  14. Victoria Falls holds the repute of being the largest waterfall in the African continent.
  15. Most of the people follow Islam religion in Africa.
  16. African continent is very rich in wild life including penguins, lions, seals, gorillas, giraffe, hippos and crocodiles. African elephant, the world’s largest land animal that weighs more than 6 tons, is also found in Africa. World’s tallest animal—giraffe and world’s fastest animal— cheetah, are both found here.
  17. Africa is an underdeveloped continent and also known as the poorest of all of the continents.