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Why does my Eye keep Twitching?

Biology | 7-14 yrs | Reading Pod

Causes of Eye Twitching

Those annoying little muscle twitches you get in your eye are a type of involuntary reaction of the body in response to fatigue or stress.

Your eyes are telling you that they are stressed by watching too much television, or spending too much time on the computer, or playing too many video games. Other reasons responsible for twitching of eyes include pollution, deficiency of minerals like magnesium, deficiency of vitamins, or some kind of eye allergy. Sometimes, lack of sleep may also cause twitching of eyes.

5 Interesting Facts about Eye Twitch

  1. According to a Chinese saying, left eye twitching means the arrival of some good fortune or good news whereas twitching of the right eye is regarded as a bad omen.
  2. In India, people believe that if your right eye twitches, you will either hear some good news or have monitory gains. Left eye twitching superstition, on the other hand, holds that that is supposed to be inauspicious.
  3. People relate the twitching of eyes to gender as well! While the left eye twitching is supposed to be good for women, it is considered a bad sign for men.
  4. In Africa, twitching of the lower eyelid means that bad news is around the corner. When the upper eyelid twitches, it means that you will have an unexpected guest coming over.
  5. In Hawaii, twitching in the left eye symbolizes the arrival of a stranger.

Although all these superstitions are pretty interesting to read, you now know the real scientific reason behind involuntary eye spasms, don’t you?

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