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Edo in Mission Money Collection

Comic Stories | 7-14 yrs | Interactive, Reading Pod

Edo’s Donation Box

“I have the list of things that are missing from the spaceship,” said Billu.

“That is quite a list! We should hit the Dharavi market because Jaggu found the first component there,” said Anil.

Aarushi jumped up and said, “Money? Where will we get the money? What if we are short? I know what we can do! Ask for a donation from everyone so we can help Edo. I will make a box. Let’s call it Edo’s donation box.”

“We hear you Aarushi!” said Pooja and continued, “Let us go to our house and see how much money we can collect. We will meet here in exactly one hour.”

All of them met after an hour at the same spot and were counting money spread out on a blanket. Their change clinked together and reflected the sunlight. However, things were not bright for them.

“We only have Rs. 53. That is not going to help,” said Billu.

Edo said, “Don’t look so glum guys! We will figure something out.”

Everyone went back to their houses. Edo used to help Anil’s mom cook and clean up the house at an incredible speed. Anil’s mother had grown fond of Edo and treated him like her own son.

“What is wrong? You look worried, ” she asked her son Anil.

“It is Edo. We need to help him. If not, people from outside Ambar Villa will find him soon and take him away,” said Anil.

“Take him away?!” exclaimed his mother, “How can anyone take Edo away?”

Anil assured her, “I am sure we will find a way mother. Let us get some sleep.”

The next day the children and Edo had their “round table conference,” as they called it.

Pooja said, “Let us hold a contest. We will ask for an entry fee and the winner will get a cash prize.”

“How about a crying contest?” suggested Aarushi.

“That could work! It is unusual, so will get people interested and everyone can participate,” said Billu.

The day of the contest arrived. First up was Nikku Nai. He cried for 31 minutes. Over 50 people participated, but none could beat Nikku Nai’s record. Pooja said, “Look at them go! And I thought I was dramatic!”

Anil saw his mother coming from a distance and thought of an idea. He said, “Guys! I know a way of keeping the winner’s Rs. 200 too!”

Aarushi asked excitedly, “How?”

“My mother loves Edo. Billu and I are going to tell her that scientists are here to take Edo away, which is why everyone is crying. I am sure she will beat Nikku Nai!” said Anil.

Anil’s mother came and saw Anil and Billu sitting sadly at one corner. She saw Haridas Bhajiye Wala crying loudly. She asked Anil, “What is going on? Why is Haridas crying?”

Anil said, “Edo is leaving Amma! People are here to take him away. It is just like I feared.”

Anil’s mother broke into tears and headed straight for the area where the others were. “Edo!” she screamed and began wailing.

After about 25 minutes people began to whisper among themselves, “If she continues to cry for 7 minutes more, she will win.”

7 minutes later Aarushi screamed, “And she wins! She beat Nikku Nai’s record of 31 minutes. That was our last contestant of the day. Congratulations! You win Rs. 200.”

Anil’s mother looked puzzled. It was only after Anil explained the scenario that she started to laugh. She said, “You children are naughty! But I am glad Edo isn’t leaving. And here is my Rs. 200 to help Edo buy all the equipment for the spaceship.”

The children had collected over Rs. 1000! They treated themselves to ice cream and were all set to explore the markets of Dharavi with Edo.

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