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Do fish sleep?

Biology | 10-13 yrs | Animation, Video

Imagine a fish swims all day long. It must get really tired and probably just wants to have a shut eye. But how? Most fish have no eyelids.

Eyelids help terrestrial animals keep their eyes moist. But since fish are always underwater, they do not need eyelids to help keep their eyes moist.

So it’s really difficult for us to make out, if they are sleeping or not!

So if fish don’t have eyelids, does this mean they do not sleep?

Almost all fish sleep. Though some zebrafish are insomniacs. Which means they have trouble sleeping!

Do fish lay down to sleep like other animals?

Since fish live in an environment unlike ours, laying down and sleeping like humans can be dangerous. They rest their brains in parts at different times and are never completely unconscious.

How do fish sleep?

Some fish like the shark keep swimming in their sleep. Tuna fish rest motionless at night, suspended in the water. Bass and perch will sleep under or on top of logs. Reef fish seek refuge in crevices. Parrotfish build a cocoon of mucus in which to sleep.

Why is sleep and resting our body so important?

If we do not sleep properly, we will always be tired, cranky and unhappy. This is because when we sleep, the body also gets a chance to clean itself of waste and other by-products of cell functions within our bodies.

So, fish also need to sleep, so that they can repair their cells and also conserve their energy.