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The Mystery of Devil’s Kettle Falls

Geography | 7-14 yrs | Interactive, Reading Pod

There are thousands of people who don’t believe in mysteries. They say that everything can be explained scientifically. They don’t believe in devils.

But did you know that there is a place on Earth, which is called “The Devil’s Kettle”; as there is a deep, spooky and scary mysterious thing happening there. One can feel baffled, dumbfounded and scared as one observes this very eccentric natural activity happening.

Do not think that it is some magician is performing it; as it happens through nature. It has been happening for years and is still occurring. I could not believe it myself and kept trying to figure it out, but in vain. I failed miserably to find the mystery. So what am I talking about?

Where is Devil’s Kettle located?

There is a waterfall in Minnesota, USA at Judge C.R Magney’s State Park, where the Brule River passes and drops down 800 feet, thus creating numerous waterfalls. Now, north of the Lake Superior, a broad chunk of rhyolite rock protrudes out; and breaks the waterfall into two parts.

Where does Devil’s Kettle go?

The first part of the waterfall flows down normally. But the other part of the waterfall drops down 10 feet into a massive and dark hole, and then we don’t know anything else. You ask me, where does the water go? I do not know. Nobody knows. The water has just been disappearing into the hole. There are no outlets etc. Aren’t you baffled as I am?

Just imagine millions of liters of water being poured into the hole everyday. The underground rivers that appear in movies are rare and you would need soft and limestone rocks for that. The rocks here are solid. Even if the strong pressure of the waterfalls would eventually crush the rocks, there would be evidence of that.

People have thrown in gargantuan amounts of debris, like rocks, trees, logs etc but nothing seems to clog this hole. Someone claimed to have thrown a car inside it and that it disappeared. Some one said if we had a waterproof GPS, then it could locate where the water went. Ping pong balls are regularly thrown in there in hopes that one ball would pop out.

What is inside Devil’s Kettle?

There is one theory that just talks about the mystery, but there is no evidence of it. When hot and molten lava would flow through a channel in the underground, levees would be formed, which would harden and form a canopy. Thus a lava tube is formed. Maybe the water from this waterfall, flows through a lava tube, and drains the water into Lake Superior? But you need basalt rocks for that and not rhyolite rocks.

The mystery continues to evade us. Researchers are now trying to appease themselves by saying that the water flows underground, and at some point of time appears inside a lake.

But we still have not found any outlet for this hole. This is a real devil’s hole and I would be petrified to go near it. What if I fell inside it? And then nobody would be able to rescue me and my worst nightmare would come true.

Maybe you will be the one who solves this mystery! For now, the mystery still perseveres and looms over us.

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