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Deja Vu and Jamais Vu
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Deja Vu and Jamais Vu

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What is Deja Vu?

Do you ever feel like you were in any particular place even though you have never visited that place before? Or you thought that a particular face seemed familiar even though you were meeting that person for the very first time?

When these things happened to me, I thought I was a psychic to know all the things before they even happened! Even though as interesting as the idea of being a psychic appears, there is a very logical and scientific explanation to this ‘unnatural’ experiences.

Our brain is an amazing biological machine which never fails to amaze us! One such wonder that happens in our brain is Deja vu. It is actually an abnormality of our memory!

Deja Vu Theories

The term Deja vu is a french word that means ‘already seen’.

There are many theories that explain this phenomenon. Some of the theories are given below

  1. When we dream, we usually forget what the dream was all about but it is nonetheless stored in our brains. During deja vu, it is these dreams that mysteriously surface up without us realizing that we had dreamed it sometime back! Eerie right!
  2. When an event occurs, our brain makes two images of the same event simultaneously. When this happens, we experience as if we have already been there in the event before even hence giving rise to the strange phenomenon.

What is Jamais vu?

The opposite of deja vu is known as jamais vu. It is a phenomenon of brain where rationally we know we have been to a place or know a person or a word before, but our brain gives a sensation of not reconsigning it! Jamais vu is a french word that means ‘never seen’.

The person who experiences Jamais vu feels weird not to recognize the event that has already happened! It is sometimes also associated with amnesia and epilepsy.