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Deccan Queen Facts

General Knowledge | 8-12 yrs | Interactive, Learning Pod

History of Deccan Queen

  • The Deccan Queen has a special place in the Bhartiya Rail as one of the oldest running lines. The train first ran on June 1st, 1930 as a weekend service for British race-fans going to the Pune derby. It began its daily service soon after and remains a daily means of transport for many business people even today. The line is some what of a pride of the Indian rail system as it holds many 1st’s: she was India’s first superfast train; the first long-haul train to run on electricity; the first to feature a separate dining car and a ladies only compartment.
  • Passengers who travel everyday between Mumbai and Pune can buy a ‘season pass’ for the month at a cheaper rate than purchasing a ticket everyday. The train is so popular that 4 out of the 5 first class carriages and 2 of the 11 second class carriages are reserved for seasonal pass holders. At a time when the workforce was mostly men, the Deccan Queen was nicknamed The Husband Express because it used to transport men to their jobs in Mumbai in the mornings and deposit them back in Pune where they lived in the evening.
  • Over the years the ‘Dekkan ki Rani’ has maintained the same schedule departing from Poona at 7:15 am and arriving in Mumbai CST at 10:40 am taking 3 Hours and 25 mins to complete its journey. Before the train rose to its current popularity it used to take a mere 2 hrs 45 mins but since it now pulls 11 second class carriages, 5 (air-conditioned) first class carriages and a dining car, the travel time has increased considerably. It makes one stop in Lonavala, and a technical halt to test the train’s brakes at Monkey Point where passengers amuse themselves with the hordes of monkeys that have become accustomed to this daily passing.

GK questions on the first electric train of India – Deccan Queen

Q. What year did the Deccan Queen make her first run?
A. 1st June 1930.

Q. What kind of engine is used for the Deccan Queen?
A. Electric engine.

Q. For what purpose does the train halt at Lonavala?
A. It’s a technical halt to check the brakes.

Q How many compartments in total does the Deccan Queen pull not including the engine?
A. 17.

Q. Name two of the Deccan Queen’s ‘firsts.’
A. First dining car, first ladies compartment, first long-haul electric line, first superfast train.

Q. What time does the DQ leave Poona and what time does she arrive in Mumbai CST?
A. Departure from Poona: 7:15 am & arrival at Mumbai CST 10:40 am.

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