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Christmas Story Song

Festivals | 8-14 yrs | Video, Animation

The Shepherds and Angels

In Bethlehem, on a winter night

Were shepherds with their sheep so white
When suddenly came down the rays
of an angel singing praise


“Guess who’s born, ‘Jesus Christ’
Lose your troubles, give a high five
Have no fear, Go and see
The Son of God, the little baby”

Now, 3 wise men saw a star,
Glowing brightly from so far
On their camels travelling
They carried gifts for a king


Singing “Guess who’s born, ‘Jesus Christ’
He is God’s beloved child
He’ll bring peace to one and all,
Let’s go meet the baby small”

They found him in a stable cold
Just like the angel had told
With his loving Ma and Pa
Underneath the shining star


Singing “Jesus Christ, the prince is here
Joy and happiness is near
Sing and dance, have some fun
Merry Christmas every one!” X2

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