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Christmas Decoration Ideas

Craft Ideas | 6-12 yrs | look and take, Interactive

Note: Don’t forget to check out the Christmas Story video and other Christmas articles and activities.

It’s time to make Christmas decorations! Here are 5 simple Christmas tree decoration ideas.

Dot streamers

Use self adhesive white dots.
Colour them.
Stick them (back to back) on strong thread and string them on your Christmas tree.

Paper bulb ornament

Cut 4 pieces of cardstock in 1 inch wide pieces.
Keep two pieces 10” long, and cut another two of 8” and one of 6.75” respectively.
Take a 10” long piece, and put a 8” inch piece below it, followed by the 6.75” piece. Then, add the other 10” and 8″ pieces.
Hold it in place with a paper clip.
Staple or glue this end.
Repeat for the other end.
Punch a hole ½” from the top, so that you can hang your ornament.

Button tree ornament

If you have a small tree and you can use a needle and thread, try this. Thread a needle and tie a knot.
Slide some brown small buttons on for the base.
Add large buttons for the tree’s bottom, medium buttons for the tree’s center, and small buttons for the tree top.
Loop the string to tie your ornament to the tree.

Ribbon ornaments

Put embroidery thread through a needle and knot one end.
Thread a bead.
Then, push the needle through a 1” wide paper strip.
Thread another couple of beads and loop the paper.
Again put the needle through the paper.
Repeat until the whole paper has been looped.
Finally, push the thread twice through the top bead, so that you have a loop to tie your ornament to the tree.

Shooting star ornament

Cut a circle from paper. You can trace it from a coffee mug’s bottom.
Start from the edge and cut a spiral that goes to the circle’s center.
Decorate with felt pens or glitter.
Cut a small star, 1’’ wide. Poke a small hole at the top of the star. Decorate it too. Stick it on to the spiral to form a shooting star.
Tie it to your tree with a thread.

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