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Book Review : School Stories

Writers | 7-14 yrs | Interactive, Reading Pod

School life is tough. A child has to deal with so many things- studies, sports, extracurricular, teachers and to top it all- bullies, cheating, pranks- it is a roller coaster ride with many bumps, ups and downs.

This book ‘School Stories,’ written by Paro Anand explores these aspects in eight short stories.

Cheating in an examination has Pratap feeling guilty and shameful; Parvati is apprehensive in becoming a part of her new school in a new country where she is called ‘Poverty;’ Gita wants to act in a school play but she cannot overcome her stammer, Vikrant feels like a victim as the only male sibling with three sisters and is bullied at school. There are other such stories which capture the turmoil of the young mind with sensitivity and understanding.

‘Remember, your best. Not more. Not less. Your best is THE best.’

‘Well, here’s some news for you, you didn’t steal our joy, and you didn’t rock our world. You couldn’t come near us, not in a million years.’

‘All my marks were below ‘C’ level and that left me in no position to argue or make further demands.’

Every story deals with delicate issues which all children face in school. Each one teaches us to stand up for ourselves, be brave and put our best in everything.

The book deals with simple challenges which every child faces in school, but these issues are either ignored by teachers and parents or they are not considered worth caring for. As a result, the child continues to be bullied or stammer or feel sorry for oneself.

This book deserves to be on a good books to read list, not only for children but also for parents and teachers as it might just help them in recognizing their child’s behavioural patterns.

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