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Akbar Birbal : Birbal Catches a Thief

Akbar Birbal Stories | Reading Pod, Interactive

A rich trader’s house was robbed.

The trader surmised to himself, “I think one of my servants is the thief.”

The trader went to Birbal for help.

The trader told him, “Only you can help me find out who the thief is, Birbal!”
Birbal replied, “Alright, I will help you.Don’t worry, we will find the culprit.”

Birbal went to the trader’s house and lined the servants up.
Birbal asked the servants, “Which of you stole from the master?”
They all replied, “Not me!”

Birbal thought for a minute.

Birbal gave sticks of equal lengths to the servants. He said, “The thief’s stick will be two inches longer by tomorrow. I will come to see your sticks then, so be here.”

The next day, Birbal told the servants, “Show me your sticks.”

One servant’s stick was shorter by two inches.

Birbal told the trader, “Aha! This is the thief.”

The trader came to Birbal later.

The trader asked him, “How did you know?!”
Birbal explained, “The thief cut his stick by two inches, thinking it would be longer the next day.”

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