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Be Nice, Ask for Permission!

Ask Coley | 8-10 yrs | Animation, Video

Everyone is a bit inquisitive. Sometimes we go to a friend or a relative’s house. We play, we jump, we take things, even open cupboards and play inside or we may even try out clothes or shoes! Sometimes we even open the fridge and may even drink water or juice.

But wait.

Did we ask our friend or relative, if we may touch or play with their things? To ask to use or touch something, or even enter a room is called Asking for Permission. Sometimes people don’t like it and may even get upset, if you touch their things. Your friend may even fight with you and not speak to you. Because they may feel they are being taken for granted.

Asking for permission is social etiquette

Do you remember, we learned about social etiquette and that we must say please and thank you? Well, asking for permission, before we touch or use something that doesn’t belong to us, is also social etiquette.

So, remember to ask for permission the next time!