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Are we running out of water?

Geography | 7-14 yrs | Reading Pod, Interactive

The water crisis!

The world is running out of water- underground or freshwater; the water crisis has hit the world population. In almost a decade, North India will run out of groundwater and there will soon be agriculture crisis. Pollution of the available water resources, changes in global temperatures, shortage of fresh drinking water are actually the basic reason for water shortage around the world.

Will the Earth ever run out of water?

The Earth will never run out of its entire water content. Water content will remain the same, only its form will keep changing. But, we will run out of clean water. Most of the water on Earth is salt water and almost 77 percent of fresh water is frozen at the two poles of Earth. The rest of the water content is trapped in soil or underground aquifers. Even the frozen water, due to global warming of glaciers, is melting and getting mixed with sea water. Humans are also exposing and finishing up the underground aquifers. This leaves very little water for drinking, washing and agriculture.

Population growth and water demand

As the earth’s population grows, the number of people who use water for drinking and washing grows. The amount of water used and wasted by people also grows with this.

How humans are responsible for water pollution

Many human activities like factories dumping their waste pollute fresh streams and rivers. Thus leaving almost no fresh water to be used for drinking. Safe drinking water is not available in many parts of the world and millions of people and children die every year due to the lack of safe drinking water.

Water Scarcity and Agriculture

  • The water shortage will hit the agriculture lands mostly. Famine will cause a country to run out of food. People will drink water from dirty sources and this could lead to water borne diseases to spread. This will not only lead to death of humans but also of cattle and animals.
  • With the range of technologies available scientists are trying to make the dirty and polluted water clean. Even sea water can be used for drinking and other purposes once its salty content has been removed. This requires high technology, good inventions and a willing government of a nation.