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African and Arabian Drums

Mocostar | 7-14 yrs | Reading Pod

Moco Star

Name: Harshil Gandhi
Age: 10
City: Mumbai

Djembe and Darbuka

This noise is music! Harshil can play African drums (Djembe) and Arabian drums(Darbuka).

Both Djembe and Darbuka are goblet shaped drums. They are played with bare hands. Harshil makes different sounds using bass (low pitch), tone (medium pitch), and slap (high pitch).

By striking the drum near the centre, with his palm and flat fingers, Harshil makes the bass sound. For tone and slap, he strikes the drum closer to its edge. For a tone, Harshil uses his fingers and the edge of his palm. For a slap, he only uses his fingertips and the edge of his palm.

See Harshil do all three hand movements to produce different kinds of beats in this video! For more of his drumming, watch this video.

Note: Don’t forget to check out the Mocostar of Mocomi.