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Aesop In Rhyme-09

Primary Poems | 6-8 yrs | Reading Pod


Those who display much dash and din,
Have seldom any thing within.

A weary traveller, one day,
Cross’d o’er a river in his way;
Alarm’d to see the foaming tide
Dashing o’er rocks from side to side,
Nevertheless, his course to keep,
He ventur’d in with trembling step;
And found the water neither deep,
[190]Nor footing bad; and got well o’er.
When he had travell’d some leagues more,
He to another river came,
That smoothly flowed, a silent stream:
This he thought easily to pass;
But ere he in the middle was,
He plunged into a gulf profound,
And for his feet no bottom found;
But, forced to swim with all his might,
Got to the shore in piteous plight.


Inveterate sin is seldom cur’d.

A wife had long a sot endur’d,
Who all his time in taverns spent,
While his affairs in ruin went.
Once as insensible he lay,
She dress’d him in a corpse’s array,
And with the undertaker’s aid,
Into a burying vault convey’d.
The fumes dispersed, the man awakes;
All for reality he takes.
[192]When by the glimmering of a lamp
He saw his mansion drear and damp,
Reflecting how his life had pass’d,
A forced repentance came at last.
The wife, with suited voice and dress,
Presented an infernal mess:
“Good Trap, pray take away your meat;
I have no appetite to eat,”
He cried, “but faith I’m devilish dry:
Can’t you a bowl of wine supply?”
The woman, seeing all was vain,
Restor’d him to his casks again:
Consol’d with certainty, that he
Ere long a real corpse must be.

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