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A Happy Hyena

English Worksheets | 8-9 yrs | Learning Pod

A happy hyena – Improve your kid’s comprehension with this poem. Answer asimple set of questions related to this short and sweet poem.
There once was a happy hyena
Who played on an old concertina.
He dressed very well,
And in his lapel
He carelessly stuck a verbena.

Fill in the blanks with reference to the above rhyme:
There once was a happy ____________.
He dressed very _____.
He carelessly stuck a _____________.

Answer the following questions with reference to the above rhyme:
What did the hyena play?
How was he dressed?

How to use the worksheet

1. Download the worksheet using the red download button at the top.

2. Take a print out of the worksheet using your printer.

3. Solve the worksheet using a pencil or a pen and ask your parents/teachers to check your answers.

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