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A Buccaneers Life

Party Ideas And Themes | 5-12 yrs | look and take, Interactive

Aargh! It’s my birthday

A buccaneers life is fascinating to children. They are loud like children like to be, and their lawlessness appeals to a child’s urge to run wild. This theme is more suited for a boy’s birthday but don’t let that stop your tom-boy daughter from covering up one of her eyes and wearing a pirate hat to her own party. You may think that the theme is very restrictive but know that there were also officers from whom pirates would run. You can somehow incorporate that idea into the theme.


  • You can do this party anywhere depending on your budget. Do this at home if you’re on a smaller budget.


  • The iconic symbol of pirates is the Jolly Roger- the black flag with the skull and bones.
  • A different type of invitation would be to make eye-patches from craft paper and elastic.


  • Feature the Jolly Roger somewhere in the decor.
  • Find a chest and fill it with mardi-gras beads to make it seem like a chest of gold. You can pack the bottom of the chest to save on the beads. Make sure to have enough that people can put some on.
  • Gold and silver balloons


  • Gold in the bucket- fashion a gold doubloon (coin) our of a flat round object and have them throw it into a bucket.
  • Play capture the flag or priates v officers.
  • No pirate party is complete without a treasure hunt. Make up a story about a hidden treasure and make a fake map of the venue. Hide different prizes around the venue with their locations marked on the map.
  • Can you figure out a way they can walk the plank?

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