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10 Fun Facts About Bananas

General Knowledge | 9-14 yrs | Video, Animation

To know or not to know, that is the question! Well, wouldn’t you prefer to know?
Hamlet, an ever curious hamster, is on a quest to learn new and interesting facts about the world around us. With a new subject each time, Hamlet explores intriguing facts that you may not have heard before. He’s bored of the same old facts about the same old things. You may feel like you already know everything there is to know about everything, but there’s a whole world out there for you to explore and unknown facts you may not already know! Why not shake things up with Hamlet’s curiosity and great sense of humour? Take this fun fact loaded adventure with him!

10 Interesting Facts About Bananas

  1. A cluster of bananas is called a ‘hand’, while a single banana is called a ‘finger’.
  2. Bananas are naturally slightly radioactive.
  3. Bananas can float in water.
  4. Bananas contain a natural chemical called ‘Serotonin’ which makes people happy.
  5. A strawberry is not a berry, a banana is.
  6. Bananas are made of 75% water.
  7. India produces more bananas than any other country.
  8. Humans are 50% identical to bananas as they share about half of the same DNA.
  9. Bananas have been depicted in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs.
  10. More songs have been written about bananas than any other fruit.